We offer many different solutions that can help solve your lifting, moving and material handling needs. Our innovative equipment adapts to your workplace needs and does the heavy lifting for you.


Our passion is to make your workplace flourish. Our unique line of HardyLifts products will keep your workplace safer, your employees in the workforce longer, and increase productivity for your business. Our HD-1000 takes away the need for your employees to lift over the shoulder and into dumpsters or containers. Our HL-1000 series is a modular solution for all of your material handling needs, from office to warehouse and everything in-between.


We provide unique solutions to businesses across a multitude of industries. We have supplied equipment to customers in healthcare, education, automotive, labs, institutional, municipal, commercial, manufacturing, custodial, and food & beverage sectors. We work with our customers to supply them with the right solution to fit their growing business.


Our goal is to help your employees lift safely. We want each of our customers to know safe lifting practices. For example, people's capacity to carry weight is maximized and most efficient when the load is close to the body. As a load is lifted away from the body's core, the amount of weight that can safely be carried decreases. Heavy lifting, combined with twisting and dumping motions, causes a lot of undue stress on our bodies. Our line of products takes the strain away from your employees and does the heavy lifting for you. Our machines provide a solution to your lifting, moving, and dumping needs while reducing the risk of workplace injuries.

Ergonomic Design

We offer several ergonomic material-handling machines. Each machine is designed and manufactured to maximize workplace productivity. But more importantly, the goal with each of our machines is to create a safe work environment and reduce workplace injuries.

Success Stories