Compact, portable, battery-operated power lift

Why choose the HL-1000?

The HL-1000 can be equipped with a quick-connect feature that allows an individual to quickly and safely switch attachments to accomplish a variety of tasks with a single machine.

Our HardyLift (HL) line of products allows you to lift and move products without the risk of injury by having to pick-up, or move them physically. Designed to fit through a standard doorway, the HL line is a convenient way to maneuver items throughout the office or production floor. 

Available with various optional attachments, the HL line is a safe and easy addition to any business to help reduce the risk of personal injury and increase productivity.


Standard Features:

  • Ball Bearing Caster Wheels

  • Hydraulic Lifting

  • Safety Horn

  • Electrically Operated

Optional Attachments:

  • Lifting Forks

  • Lifting Jib

  • Keg Hook

  • Tire Lifter

  • Power Rotator

  • Quick Connect

  • Lifting Platform

  • Custom attachments available upon request



  • Powered lift

  • Self-propelled

  • Up to 1000lbs lifting capability

  • Emergency safety stop


Featured Videos

HL-1000 Attachments

Lifting Forks (Currently Under Development.)

  • Available on all models

  • Adjustable width

    • Maximum inside-width: 14”

  • Length of forks: 14”


  • Available on all models

Lifting Jib (Currently Under Development.)

  • Hook on the end to add other attachments

Keg Hook (Currently Under Development.)

  • Can attach to either Lifting Jib or Platform

  • Can hook to Keg both length- and width-wise

Power Rotator

  • Up/Down

  • Up to 500lbs

  • Will accommodate up to a standard 32-gallon round container

  • Rotates 360 degrees

Adjustable Hand Rail System (Currently Under Development.)

  • Reciprocates up to 36”

  • Adjustable width

  • Compatible with Power Rotator