Frequently Asked Questions

Questions for the HD-1000

What is the footprint of the HD-1000?

What ceiling height is required?

Can I get an HD-1000 with AC power instead of 24V?

The HD-1000 is only available in 24V DC operating system.

What is a smart charger?

A smart charger charges the battery slowly over time until it is full. It produces a very small current to maintain optimal battery health. The charger will automatically shut down in order to not over charge the batteries.

What is dump-over height?

Dump-over height is the measurement from the ground to the top of the container you are dumping into.

Can I get a size and spec sheet?

What type of containers will the HD-1000 dump?

The HD-1000 is designed to accommodate trash cans, recycle bins, gondola carts and Gaylord totes and many other containers.

How much weight will the HD-1000 lift?

The HD-1000 is designed to lift 1000lbs.

What is the chute extension?

The adjustable chute extesion is designed to distribute the debris to the center of the dumpster.

Is solar power an option?

Yes, the HD-1000 has an optional 24V solar charging system.

What is the adjustable strap for?

The adjustable strap is to securly fasten the HD-1000 to the dumpster.

Can I move the HD-1000 around?

The HD-1000 comes with 4 swivel casters.

Questions for the HL-1000

What is the max lifting weight?

The HL-1000 can lift up to 1000lbs.

What is the quick-connect option?

The quick connect feature allows an individual to quickly change attachments on the HL1000 to fit a variety of needs.

What voltage does the HL-1000 operate at?

The HL-1000 operates on a 24V system with dual 80Ah batteries onboard and a 120V charging system.

What is the HL-1000's turning radius?

What are the dimensions of the HL-1000?

The HL-1000 is 31.5 inches wide and 79.5 inches tall, or small enough to fit through a standard 80" doorway. The HL-1000 is 83 inches tall with the cylinder fully extended.

Questions for the HCD-2500

What is the max lifting weight?

The HCD-2500 can lift up to 2500lbs.

What is the HCD-2500 used for?

The HCD-2500 is designed for the construction industry and is designed to run on a track system.

What voltage does the HCD-2500 operate at?

The HCD-2500 operates on 240V AC single phase and connects to a standard spider box arrangement.

How does the HCD-2500 lift its contents?

The HCD-2500 uses a two stage lifting system with multiple hydraulic cylinders to accomplish this. The fist stage is to lift, once the load is at full height the second stage will dump.

What type of containers can the HCD-2500 dump?

The HCD-2500 can dump many containers, however it is designed to dump Gondola type carts.

Questions for the HLS-1000

What is the max lifting weight?

The HLS-1000 can lift up to 1000lbs.

What is the quick-connect option?

The quick connect feature allows an individual to quickly change attachments on the HLS-1000 to fit a variety of needs. (Not all attachments for the HL-1000 are available on the HLS-1000.)

What voltage does the HLS-1000 operate at?

The HLS-1000 operates on 120V AC.

How is the HLS-1000 controlled?

The HLS-1000 is controlled by an "Up,Down" foot switch.

How does the HLS-1000 mount to the floor?

The HLS-1000 is designed with a baseplate for mounting to concrete floors.

Miscellaneous Questions

Is shipping included in the price?

No, a shipping quote will be provided based on the destination address, but may be subject to change at time of shipment.

What payment options do you accept?

We accept payments from all major VISA and MASTERCARD providers, along with ACH and business checks.

Is there a price break if I order multiple units?

Yes, please contact us for information about possible large quantity discounts.

Where do we ship to?

We ship within the continental United States. We deal with shipping outside the United States on a case-by-case basis.

How do I get my machine off the freight truck?

A forklift will be required to offload the machine from the truck. Fork extensions may be necessary. Our machines weigh in excess of 700lbs.