Oakdale School District

The Oakdale School District found that its workers were having numerous over-the-shoulder injuries caused by strenuous lifting. It was recommended to them that they find a way to automate the task. After speaking with the sales team at HardyLifts, they purchased six HD-1000s to dump trash containers into their five-foot trash dumpsters so their employees would not have to continue doing it by hand.

Their new HD-1000s are utilized the most during the cafeteria's three lunch periods. However, the custodial staff has also been using the HD-1000s at the end of the day while cleaning classrooms. They discovered that after the purchase of their HD-1000s, the number of injuries has dramatically decreased. In their words, they would "absolutely recommend" working with HardyLifts and purchasing the equipment. The results they have seen are everything they expected and more.